Frequently asked questions



Which platforms is Veronym available for?

Currently, Veronym is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android.

What are the system requirements for Veronym?

Veronym service is available for:

– iOS 10.0, iOS 10.1, iOS 10.2, iOS 11, iOS 12;

– Mac OS X 10.10, Mac OS 10.11, Mac OS 10.12, Mac OS 10.13, Mac OS 10.14, Mac OS 10.15;

– Google Android 4.4, Google Android 5.x, Google Android 6.x, Google Android 7.x, Google Android 8.x, Google Android 9.x;

– Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 8.1, Microsoft Windows 10.

Does Veronym’s service work without an Internet connection?

We want to secure all traffic that comes out of the user’s end device and goes to the Internet. One of the options offered as part of Veronym’s service is the end-user device security system. This software is always active when the device is on. Customers do not need a direct Internet connection for the software to be active. Threats that flow from sources other than the Internet connection (for example; USB flash drives or shared folders in a local network) can be detected by an additional service that works even if the user is not connected to the Internet.

First Steps

How does the product work?

Veronym is a cloud-based security service. We provide a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, which are fully automated and perfectly coordinated. Our software runs seamlessly on all your devices, protecting everything that’s important for your business. Once Veronym’s software is installed on the user’s device, it provides a permanent connection to our environment – our secure cloud. All of your traffic is rerouted through the Veronym cloud, where our advanced analysis detects and blocks all security threats.

What is needed to start using Veronym service?

To get familiar with Veronym service, you need to subscribe to a 14-day free trial period, available in each paid plan.

How does the 14-day free trial work?

After you sign up, you can access all the features available in the selected price plan for 14 days. We want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with Veronym solution before you buy our cloud-based security service.


Is the service updated after purchase?

We are always enriching our offer with new products. When new, valuable security systems appear on the market, Veronym adds them to the original security solution. However, the price of our services remains the same. We only inform our clients about further security mechanisms that have been added to Veronym’s service and the benefits arising from them. The software version is updated on the devices, in the background, and does not require any action from the user’s side.

Do I have to pay more when employing more people?

The cost of our services is based on the number of users and devices.

Data security

Will Veronym see what I do on my device?

We are focused strictly on detecting and blocking threats. Veronym sees everything that happens on a client’s device in terms of recorded incidents related to security breaches. For example, we receive information that we have blocked an email attachment that contained malicious software. Veronym does not have access to the clients’ actual application payload. Our service provides the possibility to control encrypted traffic. By default, we treat encrypted traffic as potentially malicious and we inspect it to protect customers from possible threats hidden there. Control of encrypted traffic does not mean that Veronym has insight into its application content. In addition, we have the option to define exceptions to the general principles of encrypted traffic in order not to inspect, for example, banking services, health services or other service categories that might contain sensitive user data.

Does Veronym store my data?

The data are not sent to us; the client uses the Internet in the same way as before. We inspect activities in the background to detect threats in the traffic. Veronym does not read the content of the data, we neither save it nor process it. The only data at our disposal are security incidents, which generate logs. These traffic logs provide full insight for reports and visibility. However, the data are completely anonymous for us. We call it “metadata”. Veronym sees the IP addresses, data used by clients and threats that were moved by traffic, but does not see the application content and identities of the users behind these connections.