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Your ignorance makes me proud

Life is a never ending race against time and fight for money. Oh yeah, I love when people lose sight of what’s really important. Like health. Ignoring symptoms, repeating “It’s gonna be ok”, taking some random pills and hoping for the best. Rinse and repeat, till one sunny day they just fall apart with no hope of getting better. You know what else is treated this way? Cybersecurity - yes, the security of your PCs, Macs and smartphones and all the things you do every single day using the net. People either have nothing or a free antivirus and sit tight with their fingers crossed. Hoping that it’ll be enough. You do that too? Then don’t mind me when I add you to the bunch of losers I already hacked. Thx, see you on the other side of your screen!

I’ve got the power… and you’re doomed

You see, if you use an antivirus, you just basically hand over the control to me. If only you had any idea how easy it is for me catch you and crush you. Feel it? Confusion, panic, cold sweat? Well, in this game you are a loser. I’m the game master and I can do… basically anything. It’s my sandbox - all, and I literally mean all your data are belong to us (well just me, actually). Your documents, money, secrets, social security number, juicy photos - you name it, I have it all. Well, I don’t have them yet, but it’s just because I’m busy stealing from other losers. Stay in the queue, your time will come, if you know what I mean. Just you and a few other naive antivirus users and I’m off to some hot holiday spot. Oh, and please work hard and earn a lot of money - these 5-star hotels ain’t cheap, mate.


To have or to be?

Ever heard of Erich Fromm? Probably not and, frankly, I don’t care, because the point is the more you have, the better (off) I am. I’m waiting patiently while you’re organising your finances. You’re good at it, I’ll give you that. Don’t let me stop you. I approve of your choices - financial and otherwise. Why? Cause you don’t get it. You still just don’t get it. What? That you have to keep yourself secure against guys like me, who observe everything you do on the net. And then choose the best moment to strike. With antivirus users it’s a piece of cake, a walk in the park. Pick your metaphor, you get the gist. It’s easy to get money off of you. And I love spending them - as they say, easy come, easy go!

Shame that you can do something about it

I wish you were ignorant of the newest technical trends. Any new trends. It would make it real easy to get control of your money, company and even life - with a flick of the wrist. Literally. But wait… you actually can read, think and analyse. No, don’t bother, don’t waste your precious time on reading about cybersecurity. Concentrate on earning the money I need for my holiday. What, you really want to exchange your trusty antivirus for professional cybersecurity? So you are brighter than I thought. Well, this time it’s my loss. Thankfully, the world is still full of ignorants.

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Talk to us and forget about hackers.

Security first.