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Oh, I love science fiction. Sometimes I wonder whether I like more: science or maybe fiction. Does it matter? Glad you ask. Yeah, probably not. But the fact you are asking means that you don’t care.

Oh, and I love when you don’t care. Me, tech, computers, security, money... whatever, right? And I know why is that. And I tell you why is that. Ready? Because: you-just-think-you-are-no-one-special! No one to bother about, no one having something interesting for guys like me. True? Fantastic. You just joined my very, very special group of “friends” with a huge, red label that says “ignorant”.

Holidays 2018. Me in Japan.

BUT… you are not stupid. So you have some security on your laptop. So, you just don’t want to be that person, right? That one that had nothing and suddenly something happened. So sweet of you! But it’s 2019, darling. And you’re digitally in ‘99. Good times tho. Back then I was… seven.

Your antivirus

So, tell me — why do you even secure your computer? I like to ask that question to people around me in Starbucks, sipping a vanilla latte when they are “doing their business”. Funny stuff. They say they are afraid of hackers — because hackers produce viruses.

OK, let me put it this way. Antiviruses work on a list of known viruses. KNOWN VIRUSES. It means when some virus is popular enough to catch attention, they put it on the list. That’s it. Sometimes, of course, you use some mix of the antivirus and a protecting software like a firewall. That mix works again on a list and on known patterns. And here's the thing…

I do everything to not be on any list

Yeah, you can’t recognize me on the subway, I look like an average Hans, I am not wearing a hoodie like Mr. Robot and I change my names. Or nicknames. The same when it comes to my “work”. Antivirus rarely knows my stuff. Because I mastered ways to bypass that and swim in a sea of free, valuable data you all have on your computers. I spent years learning how to do it properly and basically, there is nothing you can do about it. Almost.

Because I can

So, you probably want to know HOW I can bypass your antivirus. Maybe you think it will help you protect yourself or install a second antivirus... That won’t help.

You turn it off, I turn it on.

When you think about your device, I think about your network. I like to check your wifi, look for some fancy stuff you have at home like ridiculous wireless bulbs, kettles, microwaves, cameras… They are all sharing your network information and your data. I love it! Once I even took over a bulb and used it as a proxy for an attack, haha! But the holy grail of my expertise is the money. Hey, I have a mortgage too. So when you expect someone to send you an email, I work on a different level — you may get a call someday from your bank. It will be so trusty, so professional, so solid that you will not recognize that was a scam from me.

So, antiviruses? Yeah, it’s funny. Especially when people think that when they use something that’s free, it will be solid. Would you mount a door lock that was given away for free? I thought so.

Yes. For you, that all is fiction. For me, that’s science.

Why I do what I do? Oh, I haven’t introduced myself. I am a hacker.

Why? Because I can.


You really don’t want a next memoir to be about you.

Talk to us and forget about hackers.

Security first.