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Comprehensive security in one solution

Veronym protects all of your devices, no matter where they are. We use the world’s most innovative and effective security solutions to provide instant protection against cyber attacks.

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Technologies you can trust

Veronym makes use of a wide range of industry's leading technologies in an automated and coordinated way. At the same time, it allows users to avoid unnecessary complexity inherent to multi vendor point solutions. Customers connect to a single, logical global security platform with a unified application-aware security policy. All assets placed in a cloud, on premises or mobile will be protected, regardless of the device in use.


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To ensure smooth and effective security experienced specialists are indispensable – they implement and manage the technologies, set them up according to the developers’ requirements and best practices on the market. Veronym employs the best specialists and architects, who come from diverse backgrounds and have all worked in a variety of cybersecurity fields. With broad experiences, wealth of knowledge and innovative spirit we make sure your company is secure and many steps ahead from hackers.


The implementation of technologies is governed by processes, which ensure effectiveness of the whole mechanism. The standards and policies we use stem from the best practices in the industry and go beyond to provide fully secure environment. We know that each company’s prevention posture must be regularly re-evaluated and we make sure that we deliver the best security plan and prevention capabilities to your company at all times.

Our specialists are fully responsible for creating and implementing these processes so that you do not need to provide regular training to your staff – which is often a strain on time and monetary resources for any business. Through standardization, measurability and automation we create a stable and transparent system, which also ensures GDPR compliance and cost-efficiency of our security for your company.


Tested and effective technologies in one unified security solution – for comprehensive protection and ease of use. Complete endpoint protection, IPS, URL filtering, next-generation firewall, application identification and threat analysis environment are just a few of all the security measures we deliver.

All your devices and your connection with Internet are secured anywhere you are and at all times – we constantly monitor the cybersecurity situation and trends to provide you with all the technologies needed to secure your company against current threats – even the “zero-day” ones.

Instant delivery

Once you sign up for our services, download and install Veronym Security Suite – that’s it, your devices are from now on fully protected. It’s quick and it will never slow you down – our security take up only 0,2% of processor power and 40MB of hard disk space. With us you can work as quick as you want, anytime and anywhere;

our protection spans entire globe and is always available. You don’t need to worry anymore if you want to work outside your office – we protect you at home, on business trips, even holidays. Leave the hardware behind – embrace the freedom of security with Veronym!


In the reality of constant change static protection for a set number of devices does not suffice. We offer cybersecurity which grows with you, adapts to your needs automatically and seamlessly. This not only gives your company impressive scalability, but also ensures infrastructure consistency at all times. Whether you need to add new devices or remove them – it is not a problem for Veronym. For example, today we cover only two users for you, but next month you will need 22 users to be covered, and then again just two – with us it’s possible! Whether you are big or small you can count on us to provide scalability based on demand, so you can fully benefit out of pay as you grow model.


To meet the demands of today’s business we created a unique security solution – based on the subscription model. The subscriptions come in different plans, fit for various needs. If you want to change your plan, you don’t have to wait – we quickly deploy any additional features you may need. With us you don’t have to worry about long-term commitment or inflexible contracts – you can pay monthly, adjust your protection, change plans, add or remove devices and cancel at any time. With Veronym you get freedom of choice and trustworthy cybersecurity.

How to use it

To enjoy premium security and maximum benefits, it is enough to just install the Veronym Security Suite on all devices you want protected, whether they are computers, tablets or smartphones. Then sit back and let our solution run seamlessly to secure Internet access. All predefined security policies are immediately and consistently deployed across your entire organization. With Veronym solution, your company is always protected.


Data security

At Veronym we know that privacy is vital to our customers' trust. We inform you when we collect your personal data and we respect your privacy preferences at all times. We always apply privacy mechanisms, including pseudonymisation, to make sure your data are completely anonymised within our system. Technical, organizational and physical security measures protect all personal information we process.

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Benefit from our technology

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