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Cybersecurity in legal professions

You are a trusted professional - ensure an efficient protection of case files and client data. Don't risk your reputation. Choose cost-effective, complete security.

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Take care of your information security!

Don't risk by trusting that antivirus is enough. Save time - don't waste it looking for solutions. Save money - you don't need hardware and IT security specialists. Save your company - be faster than hackers and choose advanced and multilayered protection. Easy decision - great benefits.

Your opponent - hacker "the lawless king"

Court cases, court applications, deals, regulations, codes - these are the part and parcel of your everyday work. You are a specialist. You are well-versed in law and law is on your side. But on the other side of the screen lurks another specialist - hacker "the lawless king".

Should you be afraid?


Each program you use, email or Internet browsing - all these can expose your devices and allow hackers to access your resources. Sensitive customer data, case details or information about payments will be all at their fingertips. They will not only use them, but also encrypt and cut you off from everything you use in your daily work. Even if you bow to the hackers' demands and pay for decryption, there's no guarantee you will ever get your data back.

Then maybe you could sue the hacker? Or at least call the police? You could but courts and the police are often powerless or act slowly in such cases. Even if the culprit is finally discovered, it may take a long time to bring them to justice - in the meantime encouraged by successes and going unpunished the hacker will continue attacking.
Why risk it? It's better to ensure IT security.

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Your line of defense - friendly Veronym Services

Data security

Your clients trust you with their most important data. With us, you can rest assured that it will be fully secured and the trust placed in your organisation will grow. No more risk of theft, leak or encryption.

Secure communication

In your everyday work you communicate with many institutions, companies and clients. With Veronym, such cooperation will not expose you to a cyberattack. With Veronym you are always secure.

GDPR compliance

As a representative of law, you need to strictly abide by the GDPR regulations. With Veronym you can do it with due diligence - ensure excellent data protection and in the case of any problem, quickly find its source.

Immediate protection

Usually, the introduction of such a complete security solution means purchasing dedicated hardware, employing and training IT specialists. We do it for you - subscribe to our Services, install our applications... and done!

Good price

We know that cybersecurity must not only be advanced, but also cost-effective. That's why our Services are available in a subscription model - monthly or yearly.

Ease of use

Complete security can be user-friendly. Just install our two applications available on our self-service Customer Portal and we will take it from there.


Make a good choice with Veronym

Cybersecurity for any company should include three components: technology, processes and people. In order to ensure such proper security for themselves, companies have to choose among 14000+ cybersecurity providers. They also need specialised employees, who implement and manage the chosen technologies, set them up according to the developers’ requirements and best practices on the market.

By choosing Veronym Services, you can rest assured that your law firm is protected by experts, advanced technology and verified processes.

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