Our core services

Find out below what is included in each of our services. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our Sales Team. Once you decide on the scope of our protection, you can choose monthly or annual subscription. One subscription covers one device. All prices shown exclude VAT.

Veronym Internet

  • Monthly price:

9.50 €* / 10.64 €

  • *annual payment

Secures all Internet activity using Next-Generation Firewall technology, regardless of the network used. Includes:
  • Application visibility and control

  • Network-based threat and zero-day attacks prevention

  • Web filtering

  • IPSec encrypted VPN

Veronym Device

  • Monthly price:

4.50 €* / 5.04 €

  • *annual payment

Protects all devices against malware, exploits and other advanced threats - also "zero-day" ones. Includes:
  • Device-based threat prevention with machine learning

  • Advanced device protection against exploits & malware

  • Zero-day exploit prevention on devices

  • Offline device protection

  • Device behavioural analytics

Veronym Device Pro

  • Monthly price:

9.50 €* / 10.64 €

  • *annual payment

Veronym Device extension with capabilities of proactive and iterative search through networks to detect and isolate threats. Includes:
  • Everything in Veronym Device

  • Endpoint Detection and Response

  • USB Device Management

  • Threat Hunting


Complete list of our features



Device Pro


Technical support


Network-based threat prevention with a machine learning algorithm
Device-based threat prevention with a machine learning algorithm
Endpoint Detection and Response
Application visibility and control
Device behavioural analytics
Offline device protection
Network-based zero-day attack prevention and analysis
every day
Advanced device protection against exploits
Advanced device protection against malware
Prevention of attack vectors on devices (other than network connection)
Network-based Protocol Anomaly detection
Web filtering
Command and control prevention
IPSec encrypted VPN
VPN streaming
Cloud application security and visibility
Remote access / SD-Wan
USB Device Management
Threat Hunting


Weekly cybersecurity threat report
Weekly cybersecurity application visibility report
Access to Dashboard for visibility and reporting

Bundles - our cost-effective solutions

Veronym Essential

  • Monthly price:

13.50 €* / 15.12 €

  • *annual payment

Base solution which offers multi-layered security - both on the network and device layer.

  • Veronym Device + Veronym Internet

Veronym Advanced

  • Monthly price:

18.50 €* / 20.72 €

  • *annual payment

Complete offer extending the functionality of the basic package with advanced technologies for detection and response (EDR).
  • Veronym Device Pro + Veronym Internet

Veronym Ultimate

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