Easy and comprehensive cybersecurity for remote work


Remote work - working from home is, now more than ever, important for maintaining company operations. This is especially true for office work and employees from areas such as sales, customer support or accounting.
As most companies are unprepared for this, they must now quickly find a solution - preferably one with effortless implementation.
We can’t foresee how long this situation will continue, meaning there’s a need for a solution, which is easily available, with low investment and no long-term commitment.
In many cases, employees working at home will have to use their private devices; that’s why professional protection against cyber threats is essential. Simple VPN is in this case not enough.
Cyber criminals have already noticed the opportunity to make money and we have observed many campaigns targeting employees working from home.
At Veronym, we have an easy and effective answer to all these issues. We protect your employees and your company from cyber threats in the times of remote work.

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Cloud cybersecurity service from Germany

  • We manage the service for you, fully in compliance with GDPR; using technology only from market-leading providers.

  • No integration with the company’s IT systems is needed; Customer Portal helps you manage your users working remotely.

  • We support all popular devices and operating systems - Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android.

Our Cyber Defense Center monitors your systems

  • Cyber Defense Center (CDC) operates fully automated 24/7.

  • We monitor devices and network traffic.

  • We inform you promptly, in the case of any anomalies.

  • We fully support you (telephone, email) in processing the incidents.

Reports offer complete insight

  • Every week you receive via email accessible reports about your remote employees’ security status.

  • We inform you about the use of services, blocked attack attempts and much more.

  • In our Customer Portal you can always access detailed raports and dashboards with a drill-down function for more information.

  • Our reports are compliant with GDPR and use pseudonymization of personal data.

Veronym Device

  • Our service uses Crowdstrike Falcon Prevent

  • Blocks malware and ransomware infections

  • Blocks fileless and in-memory attacks

  • Protects against attacks, which don’t use malware

  • Has little impact on the device (low use of resources)
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Veronym Device Pro

  • The service uses Crowdstrike Falcon Insight (EDR) and Falcon Device Control

  • Automated detection of advanced attacks

  • Fast investigations with sophisticated forensics in real-time

  • Management and protection of USB devices
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Veronym Internet

  • The service uses Next-Generation Firewall Technology and Prisma Access from Palo Alto Networks

  • Classification of all applications

  • Implementation of security policies for all users regardless of their location

  • Defence against known and unknown threats
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Veronym Firewall Connect Service

  • An element of Veronym Ultimate Package

  • VPN connection between the client’s Internet Gateway and Veronym Internet

  • Custom solution, customer-specific configuration necessary

  • Veronym provides configuration parameters for VPN (IPSec) setup