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Straightforward cybersecurity

Veronym offers a fully managed cybersecurity cloud service to help small and medium-sized companies protect their business against today’s cyber threats by providing market-leading security technology in an affordable monthly subscription model.

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Why do you need protection?

Cybersecurity is closely related to the customers' trust and the company’s reputation. When any attack can cause major financial and legal problems, protection becomes of the essence – especially since technology has significantly changed the way companies operate. Laptops, mobile phones and tablets are always online. The digital transformation has exposed businesses to cyber threats.

Strength in prevention - how it works?

Network traffic is tunnelled through Veronym’s cloud service, and there inspected for traces of hacking attack. Inspection is conducted using multiple complementary mechanisms. Each reacts to a different threat category and uses a different method of detection and blocking. These are, among others, signature methods, anomaly analysis, behavioural methods, static analysis based on machine learning algorithms, URL categorisation or keyword search.

What makes us special?


We created a cost-effective, cloud-based service, which provides easy-to-use and flexible cybersecurity for the digital business world.


By combining an innovative integration platform with an online service, we make cybersecurity technologies from market-leading providers available to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Global Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services available worldwide. They secure important assets of the digital business - such as endpoints, mobile users, networks and cloud services.

Advanced Operations

Our service platform is highly automated and makes use of advanced methods such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and big data analysis. This enables us to support our clients quickly and efficiently.

What's inside our service?


Data security

At Veronym we know that privacy is vital to our customers' trust. We inform you when we collect your personal data and we respect your privacy preferences at all times. We always apply privacy mechanisms, including pseudonymisation, to make sure your data are completely anonymised within our system. Technical, organisational and physical security measures protect all personal information we process.

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